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Can having a Life Coach help YOU?

Ask yourself if any or all of this speaks to you:

Creating a bridge between where you are and where you desire to be

Creating a bridge between where you are and where you desire to be...

  • Do you feel unfulfilled in one or more areas of your life? Stuck, unable to move forward personally or professionally?

  • What if you had clarity about your desires and a plan to achieve them?

  • What if you had someone who will guide, inspire and hold you accountable as you learn valuable tools and techniques to accomplish your goals and create the life of your dreams?

Are you committed, ready and willing to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals and invest in your life?

If so, I look forward to working with you, as you consciously create the life you desire.

When who you are and what you do come into alignment, miracles happen. That's what I do, I assist you in finding your perfect, powerful alignment, and life changes. As your Life Coach, I will assist you in becoming personally empowered, so you can move forward and achieve your greatest desires. I create a safe environment for you to explore and gain clarity about what you want (Clarity), why you want it (Passion), how you want to feel about it (Action). I assist you in connecting with your inner wisdom, and provide you with tools and techniques you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Soon, you will uncover your own power to easily and effortlessly create the life you truly deserve and dream of!

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Single session

Margie Shay will coach "in the moment" in regards to whatever the intention of the client is at the time of the session. You will have weekly sessions scheduled in advance to occur at a set time and day each week. You also have email access to me once a week, as needed, to answer questions that might come up.

Contact Margie for Details and Pricing.

Mini session

When you need a quick discovery session to move through an obstacle.

Contact Margie for Details and Pricing.

Power Package

As we all know, we live layered lives and change can be like "pealing an onion". As we remove the layers, we get to the juicy middle! If you are ready to move forward to becoming personally empowered, so you can achieve all of Your greatest desires I have a session package for you.

Contact Margie for Details and Pricing.


VIP Day to gain clarity and create a plan of action so you can move forward and achieve your greatest desires.

Contact Margie for Details and Pricing.

The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be...
because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and Leap!
Maryanne Radmacher

About Margie Shay

Here is a little about me. I look forward to getting to know about you!

Margie Shay Life Coach Margie Shay with Husband Margie Shay with Grand Children

Margie's History

Margie brings many years of experience assisting people with a variety of life's challenges, both personal and professional. She has assisted people in a variety of areas such as relationships with self, family, love, spirituality, money, healthy body image, fertility, food, creating new beginnings, creating a new business/career and more. One of the most beautiful and fulfilling things in her life's work has been the honor and privilege of assisting people with their personal and/or professional expansion and growth, and seeing them have their dreams fulfilled.

Margie led her first Woman's nutrition group in 1983. This developed into her work as a Natural Wellness Educator. She has a Bachelor's of Holistic Nutrition Studies degree, Clinical Herbalism plus extensive education in many areas of Massage and Energy healing. She is a Certified Life Coach. Her experience as a personal therapist, and in educating therapists has taught her a lot about people. Some of the modalities she works with include, but are not limited to:

  • Health Coach: Mind/Body/Spirit, The Whole Person
  • Nutrition Coach: Focus on Optimal Nutrition
  • Life Coach: When who you are and what you do come into alignment, Miracles happen, Life changes
  • Wise Woman Herbalist
  • Women's Natural Health and Self-Care
  • Fertility Massage, Peri-natal Care
  • Post-partum Doula
  • Certified Lactation Specialist
  • Certified Infant Massage Teacher
  • Infant Craniosacral Therapy
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Margie's passions include assisting people in their transformation to go for their dreams and live their best life. She also finds great joy assisting women transitioning into life changes in our 50's 60's and beyond! Margie uses a Mind/Body/Spirit approach in her coaching, a blending of the whole person.

Family Life

Margie is Greg Shay's partner in life. He is her inspiration and together they have a wonderful relationship and exciting life. They have 6 grown children between them and are blessed with 16 (#17 & 18 on the way!) beautiful grandchildren. Yes, they keep them busy, they bring such joy to their life.

Other Interests

Some of Margie's other interests include Textile/Fiber Arts, spinning, weaving, felting, gardening, camping, hiking, reading, writing, music and travel! She believes we all need self-care, time doing something that makes our heart sing. She loves to meditate and take long walks on the beach or in the woods. She loves to play and believes it is an important part of having a Balanced, Happy, and Joy-filled life.

Margie Shay Rides A Bike


Client relationships are the most important thing to a life coach!

The Cove

Susan Newman, Kansas

I have worked with Margie personally and professionally for many years. As a holistic professional myself, I have knowledge of and access to a wide variety of holistic support services, resources and professionals. I must say, though, that over the last 15 years, I have found no finer practitioner and coach for me than Margie Shay. She is very bright, wise and intuitive and draws from her prolific areas of expertise and education. What I most appreciate are Margie's salt of the earth qualities that so gracefully support her clients as they move into positive transformation: her calm and balanced presence, her earnest integrity, her loyalty and commitment to others. As a life coach and resource for holistic well-being, I cannot sing praises highly enough for Margie Shay.

Stacy M., Colorado

I was first drawn to Margie by her powerful voice of encouragement and profound inner peace that she exudes during her coaching sessions. Each and every session with her has deepened my awareness of my power and depth of focus, that only having a guide can bring us. As a coach, she has helped me transform my health, family and professional life to levels of high serenity and forward momentum. She is living proof of walking the talk with her lifelong experience and training in both the healing arts and life coaching.

K.ELizabeth G., Nevada

"Thank you so much Margie for helping me gain clarity on what was stopping me from getting my book completed. Helping me to tap into my intuition and get to the heart of the resistance and then move past it, was invaluable! I just sent my book off to my editor!! I am so grateful for your support."

Laura Vescovi, Kansas City, MO

I am very grateful that I have come to know Margie. Whether we are sitting across from each other having a nice little breakfast talking or having a coaching session on the phone, I am always amazed at the amount of knowledge Margie has to share.

You get to know that she is teaching the lessons she has personally learned and practiced herself in her life. She will impress you with her vast knowledge of the healing arts and what's in her coaching toolbox. She is warm, compassionate and encouraging and will help and guide you. Thank you Margie Shay for all that you have to offer

Your Dream doesn't have an expiration date.
Take a deep breath and try again.
KT Witten

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